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Virtual teams training

Virtual collaboration skills training

Modern management and global trends force the development of teams that work across the globe. Based on the assessment and needs of your teams you can chose one of the modules below:

  1. Kick-off meetings. Ensures a good start of team collaboration.
  2. Effective Verbal communication in virtual teams.
  3. Effective Written communication in virtual teams.
  4. Social interactions and relationship building.
  5. Trust building.
  6. Cross-cultural intelligence.
  7. Cultural differences and how to optimally leverage diversity in your team.
  8. Managing diversity in virtual teams.
  9. Creating team spirit.
  10. Leading virtual teams.
  11. Fostering creativity and innovation.
  12. Fostering engagement.
  13. Virtual Conflict and managing difficult conversations virtually.
  14. Decision making in a remote team.
  15. Tools for virtual teams and how to make the best out of them.


Effective virtual leaders (training)

Virtual leadership development is an efficient, effective and many times preferred method for developing specific leadership competencies. Managers attend short, convenient sessions usually lasting between 90 minutes and three hours enabling them to apply what they learn right away without leaving the office.

Some of the challenges that are waiting for virtual leaders:

  • The need to influence without authority and have no formal reporting lines or team structure
  • Working with people from different cultures and time zones with different expectations about leadership, communication, feedback and management.
  • Matrix management – team members may only spend a part of their time on working in their teams and may be members of multiple teams.
  • Communication is conducted mainly through technology rather than face-to-face.
  • Members of the team don’t know and sometimes don’t even like each other – they don’t feel any engagement or team spirit
  • During the training we will strongly focus on differences between in-office and virtual management, building trust, relationships and involvement of team members, development of cultural intelligence and communication skills.


Effective collaboration tools

It is easy to lose track of project deadlines when individuals work on virtual teams.

Virtual colleagues rely on these technologies to see facial expressions and to assess nonverbal cues–key drivers to establishing trust among team members. Instant messaging and chat platforms (like Slack, Messenger, Yammer or Skype), shared technology services (like Google Drive or Dropbox), remote computer access, web conferencing (like WebEx, Hangouts GoToMeeting), file transfer ability, e-mail, and telephone (either hard-wired or VOIP) must be assessed by IT and made available to all virtual team members.

Assess the current use of technologies within your team and explore possible improvements

We will be happy to suggest you the best solutions for your team that are easily accessible and will meet all your needs and expectations.

Effective Virtual Meetings

The success of a virtual team depends of the team leaders’ and managers’ virtual facilitation skills. Virtual teams often lose hundreds of hours a year with non-effective conference calls and meetings. Not only team leaders, but all members of the team should be able to effectively facilitate team meetings.

Virtual meeting facilitation plays a crucial role in a successful cooperation. It is a must to process suggestions, keep the team focused on the common goals, summarize all the actions and keep relationships positive within the team. The role of a leader is to manage the meetings in an atmosphere of respect and equality, since usually most team members come from different organizational levels and cultures. An external facilitator can be a great help for the leader and for the members of both virtual and in-office teams. Together we will discover the best-practices to be employed in virtual team meetings, thus helping in saving the time and efforts of everyone involved.

Learn the best practices during a dedicated training for your team or let us shadow one of your following meeting and explore how to successfully increase efficiency of your team.