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Effective virtual team

Virtual Collaboration Assessment

When building a virtual team it is crucial to be clear about its nature. The virtual team can effectively work together only when the members build the necessary skills: the employees should be self-motivated, result-oriented, self-reliant, great communicators and team players. The assessment will show possible challenges within the team coming from various working or communication styles.

To analyze your team virtual performance we use a top-class tool that allows us to assess the team’s performance on 5 categories and 20 dimensions, thanks to which we will be able to design tailored interventions for team leaders and team members aimed at improving their performance.

We are certified in VPA (Virtual Performance Assessment)® – For Businesses.


Effective Kick-offs

The right facilitation of a kick-off meeting might be a very beneficial step in view of for further collaborations. It is a great opportunity to share with team members the plan for successful completion, clarify technical and communication doubts, set expectations and guidelines, answer all the questions and, most of all, to energetically boost team members and motivate them for the work ahead.
We will make sure that your team benefits from the kickoff in all dimensions and team members are on the same page, motivated and highly engaged.