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Team coaching

Team coaching helps team members to better understand each other and improve their working relationships. During the coaching we focus on inter-personal skills and interactions between members, so the team can focus on its real work and achieve their objectives.
It is very important to understand the team dynamics – what are the members’ working methods and communication styles, how they relate to each other, and to recognize their unique strengths.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching helps specific team members and the corresponding team leader to be more effective and productive. During individual coaching sessions the coach will strive to understand the individual member’s communication and collaboration styles, how it is perceived within the virtual setting and set up a strategy to enhance it. We normally focus on a broad spectrum of topics and skills:

Accelerating leadership effectiveness

Improving specific skills:

communication, delegation, conflict management, team building, persuasion, motivation, building rapport

Facilitation and moderation skills in a virtual team

Developing cultural intelligence and cultural awareness

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