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Virtual team bonding Your team works virtually. The team members are dispersed over several culturally diverse countries and are working on a few other projects at the same time. It’s quite an effort to get them aligned and focused on the team work. Sometimes you have the feeling that some team members contribute less or…

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Team coaching Team coaching helps team members to better understand each other and improve their working relationships. During the coaching we focus on inter-personal skills and interactions between members, so the team can focus on its real work and achieve their objectives. It is very important to understand the team dynamics – what are the…

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Virtual teams training

Virtual collaboration skills training Modern management and global trends force the development of teams that work across the globe. Based on the assessment and needs of your teams you can chose one of the modules below: Kick-off meetings. Ensures a good start of team collaboration. Effective Verbal communication in virtual teams. Effective Written communication in…

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Effective virtual team

Virtual Collaboration Assessment When building a virtual team it is crucial to be clear about its nature. The virtual team can effectively work together only when the members build the necessary skills: the employees should be self-motivated, result-oriented, self-reliant, great communicators and team players. The assessment will show possible challenges within the team coming from…

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